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Synopsis of Services

  • Alternating proprietorships
  • Winemaker ConciergeTM
  • Complete bottling services
  • Inclusive winemaking services with inclusive pricing
  • Crushing, pressing, juicing
  • Temperature controlled and humidified barrel aging
  • Tank and Barrel Fermentation
  • Temperature control stainless storage
  • Cross flow & plate/frame filtration
  • Wide-ranging barrel services
  • Whole cluster pressing and sorting (hand & machine)
  • Comprehensive lab services
  • New 500 sq. ft. tasting room
  • Organic certified processing
  • Full time quality control Enologists/winemakers
  • Numerous wine treatment services i.e. alcohol reduction, VA removal, velcorin, on company owned equipment
  • 80/20 grower program
  • Pellenc Selectiv Process - Linear Destemmer and Sorting Table

Give us a call or shoot us an email and explore why we should be the home for your wine brand. We would love to show you around and have you chat with some of our truly happy clients.

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